stripedgreenrabbit: Hey wait a second. I had a nose in high school, and *I* wasn't the most popular kid!!!!! Also imagine Coach Z living outside of Free Country. Imagine him living where Crack Stuntman or the balding depressed man are from, despite looking how he looks.

Apparently noses are rare and if you have one and lose it you become a social outcast. But at least he’s popular in Free Country- oh wait Coach Z is basically hated by everyone there. Bet if he finds his nose then he’ll be popular again.



its pronounced “lunchtime”

A reference to the first Homestar Runner fanfiction reading my cousin and I did

Look at how terribly this is formatted:

"Oh my," said Strong Sad, sarcastically. "I know. I accentally cut it off with a saw. I started to lose frenz an’ nobudy wanted to sit with’ me durin’ lanch time…" "It’s pronounced ‘lunch time’," Strong Sad corrected the green fella’.

It took us a second to realize Coach Z was in there somewhere, and Strong Sad WASN’T correcting his own pronunciation of lunchtime.

its pronounced “lunchtime”


In honor of Homestar’s incredibly long hiatus ending soon, here is my cousin and I reading horrible Homestar Runner fanfiction in the appropriate voices.


Another bizarre Homestar fanfiction read by me and my cousin.

There are many stories in Twin Peaks — some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery — the mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Twin Peaks.


((OOC: Worked on the designs for two magikoopas that will be in some of the asks currently sitting in my inbox ;)…for reference, Kamek is shorter than these two.

….WHOOPS, this is turning into a blog for hot old humanized Magikoopas))

yo i wish there was a way to reblog massive amounts of posts to another blog :\

stripedgreenrabbit: I can't believe the Homestar hiatus is basically over. I'm so excited I've been having some trouble functioning.

SAME UGH its one of the things keepin me goin rn because i’m struggling so hard with school this quarter :\

and the gary feelings return, goodbye


I really love that Hank and Gary always got along and liked each other but 24 could never stand Dean’s lame ass.