(Kermit the frog voice) welcome to hell

Maybe being powerful means to be fragile.
Ai Wei Wei (via allbonesnoskin)

wait i need to back and retag everything as Dingo Pictures, thats more accurate and this is how much I care

Animal Soccer World will always be my fave tho



i hope this school year is the gayest one yet

stripedgreenrabbit: On behalf of the entire tri-state area, we will miss you.

Thank you, my friend. This means a lot to me.

… No but seriously I can’t stop associating ‘tri-state area’ with Phineas and Ferb, despite having grown up here and hearing that phrase all my life jfc


Where my father was tentative and gentle,” Chast writes, “she was critical and uncompromising.” And: “Even though I knew he couldn’t really defend me against my mother’s rages, I sensed that at least he felt some sympathy, and that he liked me as a person, not just because I was his daughter.”

New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast's remarkable, raw, relatable memoir of her parents’ aging, illness, and death is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

its my last day at sesame :(

but im freelancing for them starting monday! :)

…but its my last day in nyc and working here at the office :(

I’ve seen people freak out about because it ACCESSES YOUR PHONE’S FUNCTIONS ON ITS OWN like all apps do, but I agree that the second app is useless. My phone literally doesn’t have enough storage left to install a second FB app

the old one was perfectly fine and tbh i liked its interface so this new one is just kind of a slap in the face and makes absolutely no sense????? why? why would you make a secondary app??? Facebook already owns like instagram and a million other apps sO??? WHY? ?? 

posting articles about gender is always so nerve-wracking but since i’m out too bad i’m going to do it anyways